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Northeast Offshore Cup

June 30 - August 31, 2016


Thank You

Ted and I (Roland Beamish) would like to thank everyone that participated in this years Cup. We feel that this new format was great and we will work hard to make it even better for next year. It came down to the wire and these teams battled it out! In the end Maya took 1st, Castafari 2nd and Rainmaker 3rd. Thank you to all the sponsors who helped make it happen!! We look forward to seeing everyone at Foxwoods for the awards on Sept 23.
Thank you Ted and Roland

Last Day of 2016 Season!

Looks like its all coming down to the last day! Maya is in the lead, but Castafari, Clawdaddy II and Rainmaker are all final trips today. Keep checking the Feed today for final videos and scores. Who will be the first Cup Champion?!

Aug 31st Update:

With some good weather coming for the last few days of the tournament, please note that the deadline to submit a Trip End Video is Aug 31st at 11:59pm.

Good luck!

Clawdaddy II - Trip 8996

Admin Update:

1) Only 1 Albacore received points in the Albacore video showing two fish.

2) Additional video submitted did confirm the release of White Marlin 2.

Contact Update:

Roland is out offshore until Saturday afternoon, so direct all questions or issues to Ted. Cell: 508-525-9213


I am back from the canyons,Ted will be back later today. Castafari and Clawdaddy have both submitted videos. We will get them up as soon as possible once approved.
Thanks Roland

36" Minimum Reminder:

Just a reminder to get clear video of length measurements when fish are close to the 36" minimum. Please make sure start and end of tape are visible in shot and numbers are legible.

Big Week!

This week should be a big one. Good offshore weather forecasted for Monday-Wednesday and the Big Game Battle out of Nantucket on Friday and Saturday. Leaderboard is starting to heat up... who is going to get out there and challenge Castafari?!!

Rules Committee: Jseas Trip # 2615

The Rules Committee has thoroughly reviewed all the the available video for the submitted Blue Marlin catch in Trip # 2614 and have determined that the fish identification in the video is insufficient to be approved as a Blue Marlin. That said, it is clear that the fish is a marlin, so the score will be changed to a white marlin at 100 points. This was a very difficult decision for the Committee, as we fully believe that team Jseas knows what they caught and it was a great fish, unfortunately the Tournament Rules call for a clear identification and video alone cannot confirm with 100% certainty that this is a blue marlin.

Rules Committee: Jseas Trip #2614

Please be advised that the Blue Marlin video and score in Jseas Trip # 2614 is under review by the Rules Committee.

Rip Dog #5025 - Trip Cancelled

Rip Dog's Trip #5025 was cancelled at 1:10am within 4hrs of Start Time via phone call.

Admin: Jseas #1436 - Wahoo

Jseas first wahoo video did not contain a measurement or tail clipping in the video, but it is clear they are seperate fish given the gaff locations. Additionally, they took a seperate video showing the measurement and clipping and submitted it here:

Admin Update:

Castafari's video from Trip # 8237 has all been submitted and verified, we are just having a temporary technical issue processing video for the website Feed. Should have resolved soon.

Stay tuned, its a hell of a trip!!

Admin Update: Maya Trip # 8714

Maya's Start Video was cut short, but their Start Time and location of Nantucket were confirmed.


Welcome to the Northeast Offshore Cup!

This page will show all activity throughout the tournament, including all registered Trips, Scoring, & Catch Video.

Be sure to check back often for updates!