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Virginia Beach Billfish

August 24 - August 27, 2016


VBBT Day 3

Good morning from Rudee Inlet on Day 3 of the VBBT. Another beautiful day for fishing with a slight breeze out of the Northeast. Hank on the committee boat is in the Norfolk Canyon today so we may not hear some of the reports from down south. But it sounds like a hot bite out of the gate this morning in the Canyon.

More rumors from down south...

Hank on the committee boat just heard from Jimmy Bayne that A Salt Weapon has 15 releases on the day!

Expecting more fish!

We are hearing more rumors of fish being caught out of range of the committee boat so expect the release counts to go up.

Jimmy Bayne just informed Hank on the committee boat that Rigged Up and Obsession both possibly have 11 releases each. We have not heard from them all day so it could get interesting later this afternoon when they get back.

Expect more Day 1 reports

Hank on the committee boat just let us know that there are fish being caught on the southern fence but he cannot hear them on the radio from where he is. So expect more fish to be logged when they get back to the dock.

Good morning Day 1!

Looks like we have an unofficial record payout this year! $531,250! 21 boats are taking a lay day with 54 fishing. Conditions are the beach are insanely gorgeous with flat calm seas and sunny skies. They're getting on them out of the gate! Thanks for downloading--please share with your friends to download the app!

Congratulations, Good luck and Welcome!

Want to add our congratulations to the team down at Pirate's Cove for a great tournament, atta-boys to the winners and thanks for the well wishes!
Good luck to all the ladies out there today fishing the Wine, Women and Fishing and welcome to the countdown to the 2016 VBBT!
We will be working to update the app and work out a few kinks as we gear up for Thursday's fishing and get complete boat info and anglers on Wednesday at final registration.