Virginia Beach Billfish

August 21 - August 24, 2019

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08/22/19 @ 3:06 PM

And that's a wrap.

Lines out folks! Thanks for following along with the dramatic developments that took place offshore today. You never know what twists and turns will unfold in the offshore fishing scene. Amirite? Meanwhile, stay tuned. We might have a little more ground coverage tomorrow. Stay iced coffee and we'll be back for more Friday!

08/22/19 @ 1:21 PM

We missed a few...

Not the Outlaw, they haven't had a chance:
#committeeboathank: "Bottom of the hour. No releases. Looks fishy though!"
and the latest:
"Started off slow and tapered down from there."
VBBT staff onshore are begging for pictures of this phenomenal bite. We'll see what the tech team can intercept from the satellite correspondence. Stay tuned for pics!

08/22/19 @ 1:14 PM

Latest Dispatchs from the Deep

Just to catch everybody up...earlier from #committeeboathank aboard the 50' Viking "Outlaw" ..."the other participants just don't know what they are missing! This 50' Viking with helm A/C is just perfect."
And since he's the only one out there today, Hank decided that, "today's sponsors on the offshore side should be Big Boy Yachts, Bluewater Yacht Sales, Viking Yachts and Outlaw Marine Products! Or beer."
We anxiously await confirmation of which brand actually made the cut.

08/22/19 @ 9:34 AM


Bottom of the hour update. No fish released ~