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Gene Doyle Backcountry Tournament

April 21 - April 23, 2017


Welcome Back for Day 2

Anglers thank you for your patience while we are testing this app, please continue to enter all fish caught and entered on logs with pictures. We are verify size through the pictures in the app and making sure they are in the correct species. This will assist us in scoring in a timely manner. Thanks

Submit photos for best photo and our slideshow!

Anglers, select "Photos" and submit your pictures to be considered for the best photo award, and to be included in our slideshow (not your measured fish pictures). You can submit as many photos as you want! If uploading doesn't work you can also submit it by email to katiesbetz@gmail.com .

Good Morning Anglers

Please make sure your fish entry photos are submitted in your submitted scores area and NOT in photo area. Photo area is for best photo submissions. Thanks


Talan McCubbin 53 total inches
Luca Musico 176 total inches


Eric Sapp at 59 Total Inches

UNVERIFIED Top Female Open

Angler Day 1 Total

Bailey, Isabella 600
Connolly, Davan 1250
Denahan, Leann 190
Foley, Hannah 180
McLean, Heidi 1010
McLean, Heaher 1060
McLean, Mandy 0
Musico, Bella 620
Osbourne, Veona 1280
Parsons, Stephanie 330
Pruitt, Kendra 1080
Pruitt, Karlie 1430
Tindell, Tricia 610

UNVERIFIED Top Female Guided

Angler Day 1 Total

Daniel, Jamie 640
Demarest, Karysia 700
DeWitt, Emma 400
Hazen, Holly 0
Lane, Maria 500
Lane, Kristina 710
Stites, Ashley 210
Stoner, LeighAnne 800

UNVERIFIED Youth Open Results

Angler Day 1 Total

Bailey, Isabella 600
Boineuf, Don 0
Boucek, Jack 160
Buczko, Brody 1370
Connolly, Davan 1250
D'Angelo, August 170
Digiacomo, Giancarlo 0
Foley, Hannah 180
Foley, Steve 260
Garcia, Joseph 0
Goff, Jess 1120
Goff, Kyle 1080
Hill, Croix 2170
Marino, Michael 150
Marino, Matthew 130
McLean, Heidi 1060
McLean, Heather 1010
Morton, Colin 590
Musico, Bella 770
Osborne, Veona 620
Pruitt, Kendra 330
Pruitt, Karlie 1080
Rene, Jeremiah 0
Stengel, Jacob 330
Stengel, Zachary 400
Teczon, David 200

VERIFIED Youth Guided

Angler Day 1 Total

Dewitt, Emma 400
Finger, Austin 970
Hazen, Holly 0
Lane, Kristina 810
MacDonald, Chase 710
MacDonald, Mikey 370
McCubbin, Gavin 1160
Tice, Peyton 660

UNVERIFIED Adult Open Results

Angler / Team Day 1 Total

Ball/Pruitt 3310
Butler/Coon 2060
Brown/Brown 3210
Buczko/Buczko 1740
Byrd/Howell 0
Cates/Nicholas/Waters 1780
Connolly/Denahnan 790
Foley X 4 600
Hazen/D'Angelo 170
Hill/Hill 860
Marion/Ralston 800
Martin/Martin/Martin 1350
McLean X 4 1570
Musico/Musico 770
Parsons/Parsons/Connolly 2400
Pruitt X 3 2290
Ralston/Romanelli/Romanelli 0
Stengel/Wiedel 1250
Tindel/Goff/Goff 900

Today's Scores

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a great day fishing, we are still working through the issues with the app and scores are not verified. Please be assured that the scoring committee is reviewing all logs and pictures. Please check Facebook for posting of standings so far (unverified). Thanks!

UNVERIFIED Adult Guided Results

Angler / Team Day 1 Total

Cooper/Stites/Sullivan 910
Daniel/Hickey/Rimes 1870
Demarest/Demarest 1090
Grennling/Greenling 1010
Lane/Lane 1110
Sapp/Mikelson 2200
Stoner/Stoner 1690


After you take pictures of all the fish you're catching, please take lots of photos for our slideshow and for Best Photo Trophy! And don't forget about the Trash Can Slam!

We have only 21 pictures so far!

Thanks all!