Pelican Yacht Club

January 09 - January 13, 2018

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01/11/18 @ 11:53 PM

Day Two Final

Day Two scores have been updated and verified. 181 releases from 22 boats today.

01/11/18 @ 8:48 PM


All boats are heading in. The last two hookups were lost. Will update official scores as soon as boats return to the pelican.

01/11/18 @ 8:45 PM


Day two ended up being a BIG day! Two boats are still hooked up. Scores will most likely change as scoring is done.

01/11/18 @ 1:47 PM

Day Two Lines In

Lines are in for Day Two. We have 22 out of the 25 boats fishing today. The Miss Victoria, Old Hatt, and Waters Edge have declared a Lay Day. The first fish of the day was on the Champagne Lady, by angler Rob Miller.