Sailfish Club Gold Cup

January 03 - January 07, 2019

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01/04/19 @ 3:53 PM

End of Day 1

6 Boats fished 9 Releases

Day 1 Unofficial Scores

Showtime! - 900
Bree - 300
Miss Annie - 300
Southern Run - 200
Flyer - 0
Special Situation - 0

Jan 04 @ 3:01 PM

Miss Annie

Curt Dyckman released a sailfish.

01/04/19 @ 2:14 PM

Angler Participation Gifts

To those anglers who did not receive their participation gifts at last night's welcome dinner, please contact Sarah Gay at (561) 844-0206 or e-mail at SarahGay@SailfishClub.com to arrange a pickup.

Please also remember to reserve for all events! It helps the kitchen prepare enough food.

01/04/19 @ 12:53 PM

12:45 Update - Showtime! Takes the Lead!

Tom Russell, Nancy Hardwick and Howard Webb each released a sailfish within minutes of each other! Showtime! has taken the lead with 900 points followed by Bree at 300 points.

Jan 04 @12:44 PM


Howard Webb released a sailfish.

Jan 04 @12:43 PM


Nancy Hardwick released a sailfish.

Jan 04 @12:41 PM


Tom Russell released a sailfish.

01/04/19 @ 10:17 AM

Boundaries & Radio Channels (See Update)

Good Morning Everyone!

We had an issue with the app this morning, but we're now back up and running. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please see the boundaries below. They are also listed on the information sheet that was in your boat and team captain packets.

North: 27° 40
South: 26° 15.00

Radio Channel:
Primary Channel: 72
Backup Channel: 73

One final note: For those coming to the dock party this evening, please get your reservations to Sarahgay@sailfishclub.com

Thank you!

Jan 04 @10:02 AM


Dan King released a sailfish.

Jan 04 @10:08 AM


Dylan McGuckin released a sailfish.