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59th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

June 11 - June 17, 2017


RUN-OFF wins the 59th Annual Big Rock Tournament!

Another record-breaking year for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, with a total purse of over $2.4 million! Winners were recognized Saturday night at the Awards Banquet. Congratulations to all our winners! HUGE thank you to our participants & sponsors for another rockin' year!

RUN-OFF wins the 59th Annual Big Rock Tournament with their 533-pound blue marlin & takes home a prize of $1.16 million dollars!

1st- RUN-OFF 533.8 lbs, $639,950
2nd- REHAB 506.9 lbs, $250,720
3rd- WELDOR'S ARK 484.9 lbs, $166,480

RUN-OFF $467,500

1st- SEA TOY 6 BM, 1 SAIL- $139,187.50
2nd- UNO MAS 3 BM, 2 SAIL- $83,512.50
3rd- MARLIN FEVER 3 WM, 2 BM- $56,675

Monday- FREE SPOOL 800 points, $48,520.83
Tuesday- SEA TOY 1200 points, $48,520.83
Wednesday- LEGACY 800 points, $48,520.83
Thursday- UNO MAS 650 points, $48,520.83
Friday- UNO MAS 925 points, $48,520.83
Saturday- BULL FROG 400 points, $48,520.83

Monday- BUDDY BOY $5,000
Tuesday- ISLAND GIRL $5,000
Wednesday- STRIKE ONE $5,000
Thursday- ANN WARRICK $5,000
Friday- LITTLE LESS TALK $5,000
Saturday- PIG RIG $5,000


1st Place- TAMMY GAIL 1 BM, 1 WM $6,375
2nd Place- SARCASTIC 1 BM $3,825
3rd Place- RITE TOUCH 1 BM $2,550

ISLANDER 69.1 LB., $137,700

1st Place Tuna- RELEASE 29.3 lbs., $5,000
2nd Place Tuna - - - - - - - - -
1st Place Wahoo- DOC FEES 97.7 lbs., $5,000
2nd Place Wahoo- STEEL DEAL 18.7 lbs., $3,000
1st Place Dolphin- ISLANDER 69.1 lbs., $5,000
2nd Place Dolphin- WELDOR'S ARK 35.1 lbs., $3,000

1st Place- Robert Holmes, HAMMER TIME Dolphin 15.7 lbs.
2nd Place- Drew Yates, JOB SITE Dolphin 14.1 lbs.
3rd Place- Bradley Smith, FINISH LINE 1ST Dolphin 13.3 lbs.

1st Place- William Farrior, JOB SITE- BM
2nd Place- Hank Boughman, MARLIN FEVER- WM
3rd Place- Mike Kennedy, FINISH LINE 1ST- WM

LET IT RIDE has boated a blue!

LET IT RIDE hooked up at 2:16 PM and boated a blue marlin at 2:34 PM. ETA to the scales is 5:00 PM! Kick-off your weekend with us at Big Rock Landing! See you soon!

REHAB has boated a blue marlin!

REHAB boated a blue marlin at 11:59AM and is expected to the scales at 2:00PM! Come down to Big Rock Landing & witness the excitement of the 59th Annual Big Rock Tournament!

Day 4 Results!

There were 119 boats who fished & 58 boats who took a lay day on Day 4 of the Big Rock Tournament. A total of 17 billfish were released- of those 17 there were 4 blue marlin releases, 9 white marlin releases & 4 sailfish releases. ANN WARRICK released a sailfish at 9:24 AM for the Gregory Poole First Release of the Day.

At 1:41 FLOAR PLAN, out of Morehead City, boated a blue marlin & was back to the scales by 3:30 where they met a large hometown crowd! Their 426 lb. blue marlin took 3rd Place at the end of Day 4.

Five dolphin were brought in this afternoon. RUN-OFF and J&B won the daily gamefish prize money with their 34.3 lb. and 19.6 lb. Mahi. There are two days left of fishing for the Big Rock Tournament. Lines drop in at 9AM tomorrow, stay tuned!

FLOAR PLAN has boated a blue!

FLOAR PLAN, of Morehead City, boated a blue marlin at 1:41 PM. ETA to the scales is 3:30 PM- meet you at Big Rock Landing!

Day 3 Results!

Just over 100 boats took a lay day on Day 3 of the Big Rock Tournament. Of the 76 fishing, there were 14 total releases- 8 blue marlin releases, 5 white marlin releases & 1 sailfish release. LEGACY hooked up a double header & released a pair of blue marlins, earning the most release points for the day.

Dolphin were the only gamefish at the scales this afternoon. A total of 7 dolphin were weighed- 22.70 lbs. being the largest, from the BAD HABIT.

Day 4 starts with lines in at 9:00 am tomorrow!

Day 2 Results

There were 155 boats fishing Day 2 of the Big Rock Tournament- with a total of 17 blue marlin releases, 11 white marlin releases & 3 sailfish releases. No blue marlin were boated today.

It was a big day for gamefish- a total of 4 dolphin were weighed, one of them stealing 1st place at 69.10 lbs. from the ISLANDER. One wahoo was weighed from DOC FEES that totaled a whopping 97.7 lbs, taking 1st in the wahoo division!

Day 3 starts with lines in at 9:00 AM! Safe travels & tight lines to all.

Day 1 Results

The fishing was HOT today. The 173 boats that fished today racked up a grand total of 55 releases & 3 boated blue marlin- 35 blue marlin releases, 16 white marlin releases & 4 sailfish.

RUN-OFF weighed a 533.8 lb blue marlin & took home the Fabulous Fishermen check!
WELDOR'S ARK weighed a 484.9 lb blue marlin
WHITECAPS weighed a 417.7 lb blue marlin

8 dolphin were weighed this afternoon- the largest being 35.1 lbs. from WELDOR'S ARK
One 19.7 lb wahoo was brought in by STEEL DEAL

Lines are in at 9:00 AM tomorrow, stay tuned!

WHITECAPS boated the 3rd Blue!

WHITECAPS boated their blue and have an ETA of 6:30 PM to Big Rock Landing! Come down and witness the excitement! RUN OFF just came in with a 533.8 lb Blue Marlin- snagging the Fabulous Fishermen level and cashing in a check for $463,250! Waiting on WELDOR'S ARK & WHITECAPS to weigh-in later this afternoon!

2nd Boated Blue!

WELDOR'S ARK has boated a blue marlin with an ETA of 5:30 PM. Check out our LIVE Video Feed starting at 3:00 PM for the 1st Blue Marlin weigh-in! Catch us at Big Rock Landing for all the action!

RUN OFF has boated a blue marlin, see you at the scales!

RUN OFF has boated the first blue marlin of the 59th Annual Big Rock Tournament. Their ETA to Big Rock Landing is 3:00 pm! The Big Rock Store is open & full of tees. Stop in & see us before the action!